Archeoshard Infusion


I'd suggest introducing what can be described as "infusion", or "transmogrification" for the Archeotech Shards:

The mechanics: by fusing a fixed amount of Level V "donor" shards to a "template" shard one gains a percentage-based chance to add/improve the already present "donor" shard property on the "template" shard.

This should resolve the matter of semi-useless hoards of shards for the upper-level builds.

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Archeoshard Infusion
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1 year 359 days ago
With a 5%-10% chance range - hmm, doubt it. You'll go through all 4 inventory pages to get one really good infusion. 
1 year 360 days ago
Yes shards are vendortrash at endgame, but so much else is too. I keep a full stack of level 5 shards for experimenting with builds, but I am sure you can get away with yet.

That said, your suggestion would be game-breaking.