we have some really good news for you all!

Besides the new Inquisitorial Season coming later this year, we're happy to announce that an entire new playable class, an Inquisitor with an Adepta Sororitas background, is coming soon as a DLC.

Fans of the Warhammer 40,000 universe are surely familiar with the Adepta Sororitas. The Sisters of Battle are devout followers of the Emperor, and a bastion against corruption and heresy across the Imperium. They lay waste to the heretics with a wide array of weaponry ranging from Flamers to Blessed Blades and Neural Whips, however, their faith is said to be a weapon stronger than any steel. Through this zealous faith they invoke powers beyond measure to perform Saintly Deeds, silencing every last heretic's final cries.

The Sisters of Battle class will bring new mechanics and artifact types to Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor as well. 

Players will be able to access various Acts of Faith to empower their characters and allies or smite their enemies, as well as further customize their playstyle through the Sacred Rite passive skills. With strong enough Faith, the Sister of Battle will be able to transform into Embodied Saint form gain access to a wide array of unique abilities, feared across the entire Caligari Sector.

The new playable class DLC is arriving in 2022, first on PC, and later on consoles.

The Emperor Protects.

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1 year 102 days ago
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1 year 122 days ago
Will  the new class be free for owners of the new ultimate edition, considering I bought the game twice on both PS4 and PS5, and originally bought all the dlc at full price on PS4, I think ultimate edition owners should get the class for free considering how badly optimized the new PS5 version is, please fix the PS5 version, you guys said it would run at 60fps, and far more demanding games run at a smooth 60fps on PS5 
1 year 150 days ago

"You can expect a more detailed look at the class and video showcases in the coming weeks, and the release is planned for later this year as well. Stay tuned for more details!"

So... about those details?

1 year 155 days ago
Posted by Distemper 1 year 157 days ago
Well it's said "news coming next week" so the actual release date would be later.

No, it was written as I stated it.

But the thing is, it comes when it comes. And that´s what it is to it. No more, no less.

I´m gonna for sure have my wallet ready, when she arrives. But I won´t imagine the DLC will be out before the new Season is upon us. I may be wrong, but I just don´t see the reason for why they should release the DLC before that happens.

The big Question however, is - Will they after such a long time, choose to release the Battle Sister on both PC and Consoles at the same time, instead of solely on PC 1st?!

1 year 157 days ago
Brother Kundari
Well it's said "news coming next week" so the actual release date would be later.

1 year 158 days ago
(Nov. 5th/´22) Was reading the Steam Forum today where there was written that luckily this DLC will be released next week.

Take it as whatever & however you would like to take it.

I however take it as it is out when it is actually released & officially out.

1 year 166 days ago

Fingers crossed when the Sororitas dies she gets a second wind and manifests as Saint Celestine for like 60 seconds(?) once per mission.

1 year 167 days ago
Only heretics ask for details. 

The only rationalization I can think of is that GW demanded some form of core change to the Sororitas and now NC is scrambling to fix everything.

1 year 167 days ago

Been waiting so long, wanting to start over my group with my mate as a marine and me as a sororitas, please bring it to console asap after launch on PC, and its been a month since you said

"You can expect a more detailed look at the class and video showcases in the coming weeks, and the release is planned for later this year as well. Stay tuned for more details!"

Where's our details? 

1 year 172 days ago
In 2021 You wrote the sisters will be ready firrst Q of 2022, we  are pushing Q 4 soon, and still no sisterrs  nor Stormbolters........

At  least  Give us Abaddon  the Despoiler  to fight or Ahriman..... just for sport....

1 year 190 days ago

Well, it is at least a good thing. But now I do wish for more Sector revealings as well.

Anyway, no matter what, I will make sure to have my wallet ready.

1 year 191 days ago
when will we know more? i have been waiting on the class before diving into the game hardcore, i hope you guys will release it on console and pc at the same time since it has already been delayed for so so long.
1 year 197 days ago

The production of the Sororitas class DLC hasn't stopped over the last year and after we will receive a nod from GW regarding many of the story-related stuff we will start sharing more details about Inquisitor's newest class.

You can expect a more detailed look at the class and video showcases in the coming weeks, and the release is planned for later this year as well. Stay tuned for more details!

1 year 204 days ago

Good news, got an email from Neocore today saying the Adepta Sororitas DLC was nearly ready and coming out soon - presumably it will be after the 80% off deal on Steam ends, which is on 26 Sep.

1 year 219 days ago
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1 year 224 days ago
Brother Kundari
I swear I saw they posted something about the ladies on Twitter but took it down. Wish I took a screenshot. I'm excited af Battle Brother!
1 year 232 days ago

I am starting to actually wonder if there is any kind of update that can tell us just something about the whereabouts of the release for this new Character that I am looking forward to try out. I´m sure you in Neocoregames is gonna give us something polished and exciting for us players to dive into with both a new Character and also some other stuff I´m sure you are working with.

This Character was announced back in November ´21 as COMING SOON.

Ok, I thought. Nice one. Likely ready for use in (back then) upcoming Ssn 4. Which has been, as we are now well into Ssn 5. Which some of us has even already fully completed.

Some good few months ago we got to know that release was very likely to happen during the Summer. Well, we are a good way into Summer, it is almost the end of August. Still nothing.

Would it be possible to get an update from you Neocore? Regarding actual progress with both this new playable Character and other things you are working with concerning this game, and around what time we can and may be receiving it. Would be appreciated. Thx.

1 year 234 days ago

The Sisters of Battle gazed into the Eye of Terror,

and something stole them frm Existence...

We will never get the sisters

1 year 235 days ago

Nice! Adeptus Sororitas character. I’ll totally give this game another try if they release the DLC before the next Diablo comes out. After that, I can’t promise anything.

1 year 236 days ago

So the announcement was november 2021 for this DLC... any plans on actually releasing it or?

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1 year 237 days ago

So, when or where are the Sisters????

1 year 237 days ago
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1 year 269 days ago
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1 year 291 days ago

The season update has already been released, but there are no sisters! This is very upsetting!

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1 year 308 days ago
Very much looking forward to this. I gather this is somewhat comparable to a Cleric/Paladin of sorts? Providing buffs and healing to a party while also having specific strengths against Chaos based enemies.

Very much excited to see this addition to what has become easily one of my top 10 favorite games. I push it on all the game inclined folks I know, and I've gotten at least one playing now. Hopefully I can use this new class to rope a few more potential victims into the endless battle for the soul of the Caligari Sector.

1 year 313 days ago
Great works guys
1 year 331 days ago
Amazing! When I started the game, I felt like Badass Sista' Inquisitor was missing. Here she comes :)

 Let's be patient now 
1 year 331 days ago
Why do people keep nagging about this subject?

They already told us when the Sister is coming out.

Please read what is written in the forum.

1 year 335 days ago

We want Sisters! 

We want Sisters! 

We want Sisters! 

1 year 336 days ago
any update regarding this?
1 year 339 days ago
Any news on release dates? 
1 year 364 days ago
Posted by NikolaN987 2 years 1 day ago

Plz add Eviscerator to Sororita weapons it is big shame Assassin can't use it 

Assassins dont use them for lore reasons. Sororitas however do use Evisceratos from lore. So I think we can expect to see them have it.
2 years 1 day ago

Plz add Eviscerator to Sororita weapons it is big shame Assassin can't use it 

2 years 1 day ago
Posted by Donpiotte 2 years 2 days ago
Stormbolter could be nice aswell
I agree 100%
2 years 2 days ago
Stormbolter could be nice aswell
2 years 2 days ago
If we make the assumption that they follow lore and combine that with what we know from weaponry ingame currently. Then you should expect to see a combination of weapons from all classes plus their own Blessed Melee weapons. So basically expect to see something like Bolters, Meltas, Assassin Sword, Null Rods, Blessed Maces/Flails, Halberds, Staves. Then we have some unique ones that are Hand Flamers (One handed flamethrowers), Missile Launchers, Combi Weapons (Could for example be a Bolter and Flamethrower in one).

Now of course dont expect to see all of these things. But I would make the assumption that this would be the first class that would be focused on combining one handed melee and one handed range weapons(I mean thats what the official announcement art is showing). And then have one version that is similar to Heavy Gunner Crusader but with combi weapons. And then possibly a caster version. <---My predictions based on lore

Tbh I would like to see these 3 specializations for this class:
1. Heavy Gunner type with Combi weapons.

2. Caster type

3. Melee/Ranged hybrid
(So basically what my prediction is)

This would make the class stick out more from the others. Basically this makes it a combination between Crusader, Psyker and Assassin.

But this is just what I personally would love to see and some part predicting what we would get. And it is based on the lore for Adeptus Sororitas and what we already have ingame.

Best Regards, Ainsworth

2 years 5 days ago
 i wont bug you with the release date - well , Tech Adept took some time to come out alright and it was worth it by looking on the chatting on Discord .

 Right to the point , what kind of weapons will we be able to use ? will it be unique like TA on its entirety or we will share some types with other classes as well ?

 I wouldnt also mind for a Class preview in time .

2 years 10 days ago
So the 1Q of 2022 is over, 

Q2 stared like yesterday. 

and still no Release date, even tha you wrote and i Quote " 1Q of 2022" yeah.... 

2 years 32 days ago
still waiting release date!!!
2 years 68 days ago
Brother Kundari
As soon as we can confirm a release date we will naturally announce it!:)
2 years 68 days ago
Yes, we haven't yet announced the end of the Season which we always do 1 month prior to the closure. Let's purge!
2 years 71 days ago

Is there any chance for me to complete this season with a new class? (Season of Empyrean Echoes)

2 years 75 days ago
You know, when I was first seeing this announcement, and saw COMING SOON, I was actually thinking it will probably and most likely come in sometime during the month of January. Certainly is ready for Season 5. Today is January the 27th, and now we been updated that the release for this is and will be during the SUMMER.

Okay, now, that is usually June/July. We may even have to wait till August. I don´t think it even counts as COMING SOON any longer.

But then again, what do I know??!? I seen things being worked on as COMING SOON, and then I came back 12 months laters to check up on progress, and it STILL is announced as COMING SOON! FFS!!?! Lol.

2 years 93 days ago
I hope you guys add Tzeentch and Slaaneshi daemons in the future too.
2 years 96 days ago

@D00MER‍ the Sororitas class will have the same starting point as the base classes in Martyr. So it won't be like the Tech-Adept. :)

It won't receive a separate story-line though.

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2 years 99 days ago
I have decided to not have any kind of opinion about anything until the product is actually released.

The only thing I want to say if anything about this now is that the price is actually right and a fair one. And for that we will know the day when it is released.

2 years 104 days ago
Posted by Brother Kundari 2 years 150 days ago
Well, at least it is something I can actually and do not mind to pay money for. A new Character Class also means new Skills and Perks as well. As it should be.

So no, for those who wonder, this will not be a free addition, this will be a pay for getting DLC. And why should it actually be FREE?! No, this is paid for, as it should be. But I do not expect it to be cost $15-$20 either. But I do expect it to cost at least $5-$10 for this DLC.

And I know. Whether this is free or costs money, there will be and is whiners and complainers out there. There are always some people out there.

Otherwise, I look forward to this and will make sure to have my Wallet ready, the day it releases.

You think it will be like prophecy with a new Character?

I'd love to see the Tech Adept and later the Sister both be able to play the base game as well. Not sure if this can be worked in or not. 

2 years 106 days ago
Very much looking forward to this. 

In all honestly I've just gotten the game, but I love some Sisters, so hoping this will be a good one.

So will she be added with her own campaign like the Tech Priest was, please? 

2 years 144 days ago
For the Emperor
2 years 145 days ago
All I can confirm right now is the arrival of the class in 2022. If there will be anything more in the DLC we will announce that later.