Act of Faith "Perfervid Fury" does not work with berserk-granting relic enchant



Excited to see Sororitas come out !

We found quite a lot of interesting mechanisms, but we are also finding bugs.

One such bug is that:

Act of faith "Perfervid fury" doesn't activate the relic enchant "1.0 to 3.0 Berserk tokens on losing at least 10% HP in 1 second".

"Perfervid fury" deals Heat damage to the Character over time, equal to 12% of maximum HP. We find that it might do this by clicking every 0.5s, each time slightly less than 6% of character HP (we have minor heat resistance on the test character)

We have verified that this could work along with the Radical perk (which requires 5% hp lost), but it cannot work with this relic enchant.

We consider it to be a regrettable bug. This mechanism could make berserk builds much more friendly on Sororitas.

So please verify and fix, much thanks !

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63 days ago
All registered, thanks for the detailed report!
65 days ago
"Bolts of retribution" is giving characters vulnerability, making damage of "perfervid fury" increasing.
65 days ago

Also, the damage of this AoF seems to be gradually increasing by itself in certain situation.

It seems to happen when "Perfervid Fury" is equipped together with "Bolts of Retribution"

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