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Calabash: A Van Helsing Adventure is a fun Halloween-themed short story (20-30 pages long depending on format), and a nice way to take a look at what Van Helsing and Katarina were up to before arriving to Borgovia.

It’s available in the following formats, click on the links to download:

  • PDF (for reading on PC or other devices)
  • mobi (for reading on eBook readers such as Kindle or using a reader app)
  • epub (for reading on most eBook readers)

(In case you were wondering, the author of the story is your humble devblogger, but a huge credit goes to our lead narrative designer, Viktor Juhász for creating these amazing characters and setting, and of course letting me use them in this story.)

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A Van Helsing Ebook: CALABASH
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6 years 225 days ago

I enjoyed the read.