a littel bit feedback


Hi there and sorry for the bad english.

i have 2 questions: 


what exactly makes the fear debuff?? my first idea is that the enemy runs away, but they dont do that. and i have search in the tutorial for that debuff and i found nothing about that. so.. what make this and i think an "debuff" artikel in the tutorial sektion will be nice.


the cap of the damgae reduction is 60 and that can i see very clearly "character" screen. but what about wen i have already the cap and i have an item that have damage reduction for ranged attacks. will be i benefice from that?

and it will be nice that i can see the damage reduktion for meele and range attackers on the "charakter" screen.

Thank you, yore Bolt Thrower :)

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a littel bit feedback
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5 years 15 days ago

Here is what the Feared state does: 

  • While Fear lasts, enemies lose 20% of their maximum Suppression value and have their Damage decreased by 20%. Lasts 5 seconds.

In case you reached the cap the enchant will no longer affect it.