+40k chance


400 times the usual number of villains... Is this by accident, or is the boost for real?


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+40k chance
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116 days ago

In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war... and over 40000 villains in every room you open.

Pity, it would have been so much fun to have missions with only villains in them instead of regular mobs. Crazed psykers, aspiring champions, rebel commanders or apostles of Nurgle at every step and getting buffed by hordes of Nurgle standard bearers! Ramp up the mission difficulty for extra brutal fights...

If not regular missions, then please make at least one priority assignment like that  :-D

116 days ago
A glitch which should not have appeared in the live version (this is a backend test number we use to make sure it is working). Ignore it, we fixed the problem within a couple of hours. 


118 days ago
Good let's slaughter many villains, I like to see the chaos lords explode.
118 days ago
If I were you I wouldn´t say a tiny beep about it and just played on. You could have avoided them seeing it. I know what a Gretchin would have done.