2H Swords Idle Animation and Wires Display


Made a video where you can see the broken animation as the 2H Swords are "rolling" around your hands, but the hands are not moving.

There is another issues with Assassins and their wires connecting the backpack and the swords. If you have a 2H sword, one wire is connected to nothing (floating then). If you have 2 one-hand swords, all is fine... until you have cinematics or animations that removes the swords, but not the wires that are floating. 

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2H Swords Idle Animation and Wires Display
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3 years 364 days ago
The anim will get checked on our end, thank you for the video!

The 2nd issue is known by us but as there are higher priority issues which require our attention it will not likely to get fixed in the short run.
Thank you for the report!