King Arthur: Legion IX FAQ
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King Arthur: Legion IX FAQ

King Arthur: Legion IX FAQ


One more day until the end of the Steam Winter Sale - King Arthur: Knight's Tale is currently 50% off! Our next game, King Arthur: Legion IX also has a new store page, you can read a detailed description and wishlist the game! And if you have already seen it, but you have still some questions, today is the day for answers!

What is King Arthur: Legion IX?

King Arthur: Legion IX is a new game set in the world established in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. This brand new campaign will detail how the Legion prepares for an invasion and uncover the remains of a Roman colony. You lead the skilled Roman tribune Gaius Julius Mento and his lost undead legion to conquer the nightmarish land of Avalon!

Is this an expansion or a standalone game?
King Arthur: Legion IX expands the world of our previous game, King Arthur: Knight's Tale, however, we wanted to welcome more new players to the dark fantasy land of Avalon, so it will be released as a standalone game. This new campaign is a completely separate experience and doesn't connect to the progression in Knight's Tale, but it builds upon its location and gameplay style. We hope to reach new players who are interested in the adventures of this unique undead Roman legion.

Does Legion IX require a purchase of Knight’s Tale?

No. If you only prefer the company of demonic Roman undead legionnaires, you can just get this one safely!

How much will it cost?

Legion IX will release at $19.99.

Should I play Knight’s Tale before playing Legion IX?

You’re safe to play Legion IX without having played Knight’s Tale first. It is a completely standalone story with brand new characters. However, returning players will find the story and gameplay more rewarding with previous experience. It's up to you!

Are the system requirements the same as for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale?


When will Legion IX release?

The Steam version of King Arthur: Legion IX will be released in the first quarter of 2024. A more precise date will be announced soon.

Will Legion IX come to consoles?

Currently we’re gearing up for the release of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. After that we have intentions to develop a console version of Legion IX.

What else do I need to know about the game?

Check the Steam description for more details. And please return to this blog in the following weeks, as we’re delving deep into the mechanics and lore of Legion IX, stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you've been missing out on King Arthur: Knight's Tale, it has recently received a hefty 2.0 patch and new seasonal content, so this is the best time to play! You can also sign up to our newsletter to receive an exclusive IVORY DEFENDER skin for Sir Mordred.

And that's it for today, just one more thing: it would mean a lot to us if you'd wishlist King Arthur: Legion IX! If you have more questions, feel free to ask, and check back occasionally for more news and updates.

King Arthur: Legion IX FAQ