Teaseday #1 – The Scorcher

Hey, everyone! You know you don’t have to wait too long to put your hands on The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, right? The awesomeness will happen sometime during spring but until then Van Helsing will tease you every Tuesday with some cool animations, artwork and other stuff from the upcoming game. Our incredibly talented Lead Writer (I hope you read this Viktor) will be the one who introduces you to our new monsters and places in the game. Let the fun begin!

In today’s Teaseday we show you a real badass (at the same time somehow cute) monster called Scorcher.

“Scorchers are specialized soldiers in the glorious army of General Harker, the Great Commander, who will bring peace to Borgova (even if he must destroy half of the city to achieve that). Scorchers play with fire, literally: they burn through enemy lines like wildfire. For some strange reason they are always in dire need of new recruits.”


And now here’s your chance to learn some dance moves from this cool guy:

See you next week fellow hunters!

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