Spotlight on Van Helsing II #1 – The Chimera

In this series we will be examining each of the announced features from the upcoming installment in the Van Helsing series in great detail. First we are going to discuss the Beast in the Lair: the Chimera. The Chimera is a unique creature, an artificial-supernatural monster straight from the Ink, the mysterious realm beyond the cracks of the real world.

Sounds good, but what is the use of a Chimera?

  • The Chimera can be summoned during battles as another helpful companion (let’s face it, what is a hunter without a dog… or even better, a dog-like, hulking and loyal monster).
  • You can send it to the Ink, where it can gather gold, enchanted objects, even special potions and essences (without giving you a hard time about it, like Katarina does).
  • The Chimera will evolve: it gets stronger and more experienced, but it needs to be fed in order to be useful.
  • The Chimera has its own summoning chamber in the Lair, where you can enhance its strength along with additional skills, or improve its scavenging abilities (it will probably never learn to sit, but there is no harm in trying).

Where did it come from?

You can set the Chimera free during a particular quest. However, it won't follow you everywhere like a permanent companion, you just gain the ability to summon it during battles. The beast gains levels that influence its battle stats among other things. The “dog” will also have a Hunger rating that affects its scavenging and battle stats like HP and Damage. The Hunger increases with every treasure hunt and when dying in battles, and also with every minute it spends summoned anywhere. By feeding it essences, the Hunger will decrease.

Where did it go?

There are three territories where the beast can hunt for maximum 10 minutes on each map. When the Chimera is on a hunt, you can't contact it. The three maps differ in the loot they contain: gold, XP, artifacts, special items (essences, potions) can be found in different amounts.

Where did it come from, Cotton-eyed Joe?

You just couldn’t leave it alone, could you?

Chimera vs. Mutant Rat (Click to enlarge)

Anyway, where should it go?

It’s obvious that you’ll choose territories according to your needs. If you’re short on cash, send the Chimera to the gold-packed Dreamlands, if you want to improve the creature, do a detour to the Lands of Nightmare, rich in experience points. The more the Chimera evolves, the more places it can choose to travel. Each territory has a danger level, representing the chance for the beast to get hurt while scavenging. In case of an injury, it will be unable to scavenge for a while. We can only hope that it won't be marking the maps by peeing on bushes, it might upset the designers.

Will the Chimera be safer on territories it has already visited?

The danger rating is modified based on the Chimera's level, making the same territory less dangerous for a more experienced beast. Certain loot types are assigned to each territory and the loot that is dropped is also based on the beast's actual level. The Chimera gains XP during battles the same way Katarina does. If it’s on a hunt, it will still gain some XP.

What are the Summoning Candles?

They are a new set of items that can be used in the Lair, at the Chimera's kennels. By using these candles you will be able to assign active and passive battle skills to the beast, improve its summoning skill, and increase his scavenging stats. We’re not yet sure what scents we should use for the candles.

What will Chimera’s skills be?

There is quite a long list of available skills, both active and passive. We don't want to spoil the fun of exploring these on your own, so here follows only a short sample. The Chimera can push back enemies, increase its damage or speed, decrease cooldown time, give bonuses to find loot or grant extra items… and there is plenty more.


Stay tuned Hunters, there are plenty of more features to come!

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