An Open Letter to our Fellow Hunters

We are glad to announce that Van Helsing I: Complete Pack will be released on the 20th of November. This pack includes content that is solely the result of community feedback. Why the need for more improvement? Read on for the details.

Van Helsing I: Complete Pack

At the beginning of the Van Helsing series we felt quite invincible; we thought we knew it all, that our perfect concept would conquer the hearts and minds of the gaming community. The first feedback quickly pulled us back to the ground, and we learned a valuable lesson: listening. Making a video game is not just about what we want, but what the community needs: it’s a conversation, rather than a monologue. We thrashed a lot of our original concepts, starting with the main character design, and the manga-like graphics. Our additional content for the Van Helsing series is proof that we have been listening ever since.
With the additional content, we feel we reached an important milestone for the company that deserves some remark, and what better way to reward ourselves than thank the community, that made it all possible? We decided to make a package, with all the goods that were already there, and a lot of new features that meet some long standing demands. We are well aware, that most of our gamers already own most of our merch, so the package for them is merely an excuse to introduce awesome new content. But what are these wonderful qualities we keep going on about?

  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was originally conceived as a one-class game, but the majority of critics and gamers wanted more, so we decided to spoil them with two new classes, that were only supposed to come out with the second installment of the game. Not only does the pack include additional scenario levels and all DLC packs, but it also introduces the Neverending Story, where players can embark on even more challenging adventures after they finished the main storyline.
  • Other bloodthirsty gamers expressed their need for respawning monsters, as they craved for more trophies to hang on their walls. In the Pack, we made their wish come true – along with refining the loot system to be more balanced, making the monsters drop more useful loot for the players. Moreover, we felt the need for more item types, so we added dozens of extra treasures to the bags of Borgovian monsters.
  • The combat system went through some polishing as well in order to be more satisfactory to the players. Speaking of combat, our ghostly companion, Lady Katarina received some training during the past few months and gained quite a few active skills and other abilities of her own.
  • Our multiplayer co-op mode received probably the most nurturing from our programmers, they implemented a whole new netcode to make the gameplay a lot more seamless. In case some of our players did not find the co-op competitive enough, we added a Battle Royale game mode where the most skilled hunters of Borgovia will be able to test their skills – against each other.
  • On top of all this, Van Helsing has been expanding on other fields as well. Players can now use various PC controllers to obliterate their foes lurking in the shadows of Borgovia. However, for players who are favorizing other platforms, we ported the game to Macintosh, so they can join the league of hunters across the world as well.
  • For those who want to try the game out first before spending some gold, we will also release a free demo so players can explore the wilderness of Borgovia with the Hunter, the Thaumaturge, or with the Arcane Mechanic.


VH in action
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The Van Helsing I: Complete pack will be available on 20th November via Steam for $19.99. All previously purchased games will update themselves automatically, once the pack has been released, so those who have the game, will be able enjoy the new features (except for the DLCs) for free!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their tremendous feedback and help that made all this possible!

The Neocore Team

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