Training Sessions #1: The secrets of Rage

Training Sessions – Or how to become a Proper Hunter #1

The secrets of Rage

You must know the feeling: smashing through the hordes of monsters and feel the righteous anger boiling up in you. That you are invincible and you're going to teach them a harsh lesson. But they just keep rushing towards you and you suddenly wish you had a secret weapon to deal with them – for once and for all.

Thing is: this is exactly what you'll have in this incredible adventure, and this weapon is called the Rage and PowerUp System. With it you can boost and tailor your skills for a short duration of time right in the heat of the battle. If you're doing things right, you'll be able to literally throw the sun at your enemies, shake the earth beneath their feet, freeze their body in place, melt the flesh off their bones or slay them all with a single swing of your sword.


So, you gain Rage by killing the vicious beasts in Borgovia. Sounds easy enough, right? But it might challenge you when you're facing a horde of horrendous monsters alone. But fear not, you can use that to your own advantage, just let your Rage flow and unleash hell!

I'll tell you how it's done.

ts ts ts ts

See? All your active skills have 3 PowerUps just like these four. Channel your Rage once into all three to combine their effects, or just into one single PowerUp, making that particular bonus three times stronger. Or use any other combination of the three PowerUps to make your skill more suited to the given situation.

Let's see what you can do with your basic Shoot skill for example.

PowerUp 1: Explosive Round

Exploding bullets hit the enemies within a 1.5 meter area of the target

PowerUp 2: Tar Shot

Slows down the target by 75% for 2 seconds

PowerUp 3: Dum-Dum Round

+50% Damage

Charging all PowerUps just once will give you all three benefits for your next attack. But, if you're facing a single boss, you don't need to hit a bigger area, right? So, if your attacker is very fast, you should rather try to escape and shoot it from afar, so channel your Rage into PowerUp 2 all three times, and it will slow your target down for 6 seconds. Or if it's not too fast but has an awful lot of Health, then charging PowerUp 3 all three times will add +150% Damage to your next attack.

Using PowerUps can also replenish your resources. The Explosive Shot skill, for example, has a PowerUp that steals Mana from your target, the more Rage you channel into it, the more Mana you'll receive for killing your enemies. Sounds just fair, doesn't it?

So, are you ready to explore all the other benefits your Rage can grant for you? Good, fellow Hunter, as you don't have to wait for long anymore.

5 Responses to “Training Sessions #1: The secrets of Rage”

  1. Anon says:

    Really surprised how well this was thought out, seems very strange and whimsical for a ARPG to be part of the Hellsing mythos. Any ideas on how the game will be ported to the PC?

  2. Jake says:

    This game looks better and better. Keep it up guys ! Looking forward to the release!

  3. Kate Neocore says:

    Thanks guys :) It's awesome to see how the game gets more and more ppl looking forward to it. @Anon It's actually PC content what you see in the video.

  4. Andrés says:

    Hi Kate! thanks for taking the time to answer to our questions!! can I bug you with one more? When is the estimated release date for the game?

    • Linda Neocore says:

      Hi Andrés! The game will come out for PC in late May 2013. Xbox players can expect the release on XBLA later this year.

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