Voting Started – New Hero needed for those Incredible Adventures

Which member of the Van Helsing family should take the role of the fearsome monster hunter in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing? Vote now!

Dear friend,

the Countdown is over! Finally we can unveil what we were up to:


Since there were too many questions about the capability of Van Helsing Junior, we decided to ask for your help with finding the best and the most skilled hero. It's your chance to vote for your favourite! Check out the video, where three tough men try to convince you that he is the real ONE:

Or click here to watch it on YouTube:

-voting is closed-

Here are the reasons for this decision:

“The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is an action-RPG set in a universe that closely resembles a 19th-century Eastern Europe where monsters, magic and weird technology is real. The game is focusing on the trials of Van Helsing, son of the legendary monster hunter who teams up with his father’s former enemies to save the land of Borgovia.

Being the son of the legendary hunter, we always knew that our hero couldn’t be an old, grey-haired veteran, but as soon as we saw our young Van Helsing in action, he still struck us as a bit too young and inexperienced for the grand adventure we had in mind. Meanwhile, the feedback from our excellent community increased our doubts. Here, at NeocoreGames we value our fans tremendously, so we wanted to keep everything they liked and change what they didn’t: the hero of the story.

It is always difficult to let someone go, but after long, restless nights we decided that Van Helsing Junior has to be replaced. We wish this young man plenty of success for his future career as a hunter, but we need someone tougher, a more experienced member of the Van Helsing family, a real expert on monsters. Someone who can definitely save the world – again.

So we have begun our search for the real Van Helsing, this time with the help of our fans. We want to include our friends in the decision-making process, so each member of the community will be able to pick his or her favorite character concept by vote.

In order to make the selection easier, we have prepared the video above that presents the various contestants with the most frightening situation that they will ever face…

And now it is your turn: follow our new developer blog, watch the video, spread the word and participate in the selection process to find the right hunter for the right purposes!”

23 Responses to “Voting Started – New Hero needed for those Incredible Adventures”

  1. Corradon says:

    Wohoo, Stranger +1

  2. Count Srakker says:

    Chevalier is my choice, because he is exactly what this story needs: a sharp contrast in this treacherous, supernatural world, someone who wears the mantle of a poseur like an armour, because deep inside he knows, he needs chivalry to succeed, lest his own mind will crumble in the onslaught of insanity. Ach, ze possibilites! *turns into a very corpulent bat and flutters away*

  3. Bogysha says:

    The Mysterious Stranger +1

  4. Guild Navigator says:

    We need a Veteran to fight these scum.

  5. Yuri says:

    Mysterious Stranger gets the vote.

    Veteran looks too old and bald while the Chevalier is too effeminate.

    Now if only the Stranger showed his face to reveal his badass scar…

  6. Stéf says:

    Stranger :) Also if he seems like assassin creed :D

  7. Druidrr says:

    Sranger +1
    Cool video btw.

  8. Kat says:

    I like all 3 of them a lot. On one hand its nice that the characters have a good contrast compared to eachother, you cant really confuse them with eachother. On the other side theyre also a bit one-sided maybe, but I think the humour of the video was kinda cool. Game just needs fast-paced gameplay and a bit of action and it should be fine imho.

    But.. is really only one character viable for the game? I mean they all seem to fit quite well into the scenario, minor adjustments here and there not considered.

  9. ixidor says:

    The Veteran adds up much more to the universe as shown so far, to me. But Kat's idea is actually interesting: it could be good to give the player the option to choose at the beginning 'his' Van Helsing's heir, the only difference between them aside from their appearance being the way they act with NPCs, and maybe the way to handle one quest or another, based on their character (the Chevalier being noble, the Stranger being good though opened to shady deals, and the Veteran being straigth-forward and more eager to threaten people). Sure, it would require more work (mainly animations) and voiceacting, but I think it'ld be a welcomed feature…

  10. SlaSh says:

    Copying what I posted on the FB page

    I have a suggestion, how about we make a character select screen, choose from these characters, and have multiplier added so no matter what happens everyone gets a choosing of who they think is best Hunter. BUT If I had to choose I would go with The Mysterious Stranger

  11. hi says:

    3 Van Helsing co-op i think

  12. Ogambler says:

    Mysterious stranger for sure :)

  13. Baat says:

    I voted for the Stranger.
    It would be really nice if you could add a Female character as well though, who is to say the father didn't get both a son and a daughter?
    That way you could also add Co-op to the game. Let the siblings fight evil together. That would be cool.

  14. Artista-AF says:

    the Veteran with the Mysterious Stranger's voice would be the ultimate badass!

  15. hariman says:

    Veteran, because he made me laugh hardest. Though the Mysterious Stranger was a close second.

    I did NOT like the Chevalier.

  16. Miles Prower says:

    I'm still majorly disappointed about Junior's replacement, but I do have to say that the video made the three of them grow on me a lot. I went with the Stranger, as I can never say no to a combination cool hat and partially obscured face, especially with supernatural cowboy vibes. Though the Veteran's sword is just plain awesome.

  17. Ozylion Axelock says:

    Combine the Veteran with the Stranger:
    Take the weapons of the Veteran and combine it with the outfit of the Stranger.
    Although the steampunk like outfit of the Veteran is cool too, but its face is kind of a dumb looking for me.

  18. Reavin says:

    Stranger +1

  19. alonewolf says:

    mysterius stranger its the best choise

  20. Oldfag says:

    Great, because of these children that are voting now, we'll end up with a ****** Altair/Ezio clone, thx a bunch devs… Also, **** yeah Chevalier, just what this game needs.

  21. Ragnarok says:

    The Mysterious Stranger

  22. Linda Neocore says:

    Hey guys,
    thanks for being with us here! Don’t worry, it’s likely that the other two finalists and Junior will have a role in co-op or in the game.

  23. yuki says:

    The Mysterious Stranger

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