Meet The Team #2: Gabor

Our sound designer Gabor worked on several great projects, take a look at them!

Gabor is NeocoreGames' excellent and respected sound designer. And what does it mean exactly? Good question, even most of the team members don’t know what’s happening in our studio. He gave us a thorough explanation:

“When people ask me what am I doing exactly, they are mostly confused: are you a sound technician? Or a composer? Oh, I know, you record voiceovers!

The sound designer is somebody between the sound engineer, the sound editor, the sound director, the music director, the composer, the dramaturge and the musician. It’s a little bit all of them and neither of them at the same time.

To sum up, my job at NeocoreGames is to create the sound universe of the games cooperated with the composer.”

Gabor has worked in the movie industry since 1998, first as sound editor, later as sound designer and sound engineer. He worked on more than 80 movies, including several famous Hungarian ones (Kontroll, A Kind of America, The Bridgeman, Werckmeister Harmonies). In 2009 for the movie Katalin Varga he got the Silver Bear for Best Sound Design at Berlin Film Festival. He worked on The Turin Horse, which was also awarded at Berlinale and nominated at European Film Awards. The public could see his last work recently at the Toronto Film Festival.

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