Casual Friday #25 – Van Helsing III Easter Eggs – Your ideas

CasualFriday NeocoreGames

Hey folks, Thank God it’s Friday again! This week’s Casual Friday is more casual then ever because now you’ll help us! We need more Easter Eggs and pop culture references for the upcoming Van Helsing III, the final part of the trilogy. As you should know we love hidden Easter Eggs in our games and […]

Teaseday #34 – Meet the Marksman!

Deathtrap - Teaseday

Hey Folks, Deathtrap will be finally released on February 4th, 2015 with (among others) a brand new character class, the Marksman! “The Marksman is a specialist in both ranged weapons and stealth, which comes quite useful in his chosen profession: he is a hunter, who has been wandering the floating realms in the void for a […]

Casual Friday #24 – New team members!


 Hey folks, How is your New Year going so far? We started this year with two new members in the team. Let me introduce them to you. (Or they will introduce themselves because they’re able to do that.)  Taz “Hey All! Huge and excited greetings from Neocore Taz ( yes, I do have a proper […]

Release date for Deathtrap is here!

Deathtrap Release date

Be ready to stop the hordes in the Van Helsing spin-off tower-defense title when it launches on Steam Deathtrap, a tower-defense / action RPG hybrid is currently available as a Steam Early Access title and will be fully released on February 4th, 2015 for $19.99 through Steam. Build lots of traps? Check! Slash, shoot, freeze, […]

Teaseday #33 – Gear up and stand your ground!

Deathtrap - Teaseday

Gear up and stand your ground! The result of the detailed equipment mechanics and the comprehensive loot system in Deathtrap is the highly customizable inventory. The basic system might be familiar from the ARPGs: each character has equipment slots for armor, amulet, weapon, ring and belt, plus 3 slots for Runes – Runes, on the […]

Deathtrap Early Access Summary

Deathtrap Early Access Update PvP

Deathtrap Early Access started last October and we’ve come a long way in a quite short time since then. We published a Development Roadmap for Deathtrap at the very beginning and luckily (or with hard work) we could successfully keep up with the schedule. Mission accomplished! Updates for Deathtrap Early Access in 2014:   Stay tuned […]

Teaseday #32 – Ink Islands in Van Helsing III

Van Helsing III - Teaseday

The Ink is an exceptional realm behind the ordinary scenery of the normal world.   The whirling, endless fog harbors strange places, and the deeper you venture, the farther you get from the everyday life in the beautifully corrupt city of Weird Science. The inner regions of the Ink enclose parts of the ordinary world: […]

What happened in 2014 & Thank You

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Hey folks, in this post we would like to wrap up the year 2014 and say a huge thank you for all your support, feedback and kind words to us. The first half of 2014 was dedicated to the hard work on Van Helsing II. To make the huge rush of the the last months […]

Teaseday #31 – Horrors to Defeat in Deathtrap

Deathtrap - Teaseday

A wide variety of horrors to defeat The monsters are all returning from the depths of the otherworld to conquer and kill! In Deathtrap, the unnatural invaders come in 3 races: the Legendary Beasts used to live among the commoners: they are all mythical creatures that disappeared from the ordinary world a long time ago. […]

Huge Holiday Giveaway!

Van Helsing Winter Wallpaper

Hey Folks, We’re feeling the holiday spitit so much we have to do something nice for you. For example a Huge Holiday Giveaway. Keep an eye on our facebook (both Deathrap and Van Helsing) and on our Twitter (both Deathtrap and Van Helsing) and just do what you have to do. You might put your […]