Teaseday #28 – Hidden Corners and Side Quests


Exploration and the rewards of curiosity In Deathtrap, you’ll have to defend a whole chain of deserted strongholds long lost to decay. You’ll build traps and stand your ground on the various ancient islands floating in the mist of the otherworld, and there is only you and the tides of invading monsters that try to […]

Teaseday #27 – Map and Monster editor


Become the Master of the Deathtrap Strongholds Deathtrap  has an integrated Level and Monster Editor that allows the creation of user generated content. It’s not a modding tool and it has certain limitations, but it’s a vital part of the game and grants you a very easy-to-use tool to create your own maps and customize […]

Van Helsing Wallpapers


6   Wallpapers (1920 × 1080) featuring six locations: Generator Room, Crystal Workshop, Floating Platform, Viaduct Junction, Foundry and the Cold Caverns. Plus some good old fashioned Van Helsing Wallpaper for you.

Suggestions in the Spotlight #2


Suggestions in the Spotlight 2: November 5 You have asked, and we have listened! The second Spotlight contains many useful suggestions, especially from our fellow commenter Shizuyami. Now we’ll go and make your dreams true – at least most of them Shizuyami: Walls Building walls sounds like a fun idea, it makes me think about […]

Teaseday #26 – Co-op in Deathtrap


Team up with other heroes and save the world together  Apart from the single player experience, Deathtrap also offers a co-op gameplay option. First of all, all 13 maps from the single player campaign can be played cooperatively as well – up to 4 players –, and you can always switch to co-op gameplay from […]

Casual Halloween Friday


Happy Halloween Folks! We wish you a creepy evening tonight with this pupmkins made by our lead artist and with our lovely zombies from Van Helsing III! P.S.: Don’t miss the Van Helsing games on the Halloween Steam Sale! Also the Deathtrap upgrade with two new campaign maps!

Suggestions in the Spotlight #1


Suggestions in the Spotlight 1: October 27 You have asked, and we have listened! The first Spotlight contains many useful suggestions, and we went and made your dreams true. ewok_kebab: Gameplay idea – The Tarot of The Ink Lompos – Game Designer: Ok the basic idea is adding global modifiers to one game/map session. Before […]

Teaseday #25 – Single player campaign


Everything you wanted to know about Deathtrap #2 Single player campaign: you and your traps against the whole otherworld! The Deathtrap single player campaign puts you in charge of the abandoned, mystic fort of the otherworld, where you must defeat the hordes of monstrosities that try to get through the Chaos Portals that surround the […]

Deathtrap Early Access Out Now on Steam!


Hey there! Deathtrap Early Access is finally out on Steam for $19.99. Come and take part in the development, grab the Sorceress’s staff, dive into the campaign and use the map editor to create and share your own ideas of a deadly maze. The game will be updated every other week with new content so […]

Development Roadmap for Deathtrap


Update Schedule The schedule between two updates is the following: 1 week for feedback and 1 week for the implementation. This process repeats every two weeks. Development Roadmap HOT – Early Access Launch Build coming on October 22 Single player mode The first 3 maps Sorceress class You can build your own maps and share […]