Huge Holiday Giveaway!

Van Helsing Winter Wallpaper

Hey Folks, We’re feeling the holiday spitit so much we have to do something nice for you. For example a Huge Holiday Giveaway. Keep an eye on our facebook (both Deathrap and Van Helsing) and on our Twitter (both Deathtrap and Van Helsing) and just do what you have to do. You might put your […]

Casual Friday #23 – Getting Festive!


Hey Folks! Guess you all know there are only 13 more sleeps ’til Christmas! Of course we’re excited and we had to get a Christmas tree in the office. Also our office is right in the heart of the capital city where the Christmas fair takes place obviously… We decorated our tree today because what else […]

Deathtrap Feature Guide – Part I: Traps

Deathtrap Early Access Feature Guide Video: Traps

Weapons of destruction have never been so much fun! Be clever, be quick – and show no mercy. It’s time to talk more about the lethal traps in Deathtrap – the very essence of a tower-defense game! In the battle you will need to rely on your character’s skills and abilities too but the traps […]

Holidays Are Coming! Wallpaper

Van Helsing Winter Wallpaper

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Winter Wallpaper

Teaseday #30 – PvP mode in Deathtrap

Deathtrap - Teaseday

Show your friends your true personality Deathtrap offers a Player vs. Player gameplay mode, where you can set out against others in the classic arrangement of defender versus attacker. If you are the defender, your mission is exactly the same as you were playing any of the Deathtrap single player maps, namely to defend the […]

Challenge your friends in NEW Deathtrap PvP Mode

Deathtrap Early Access

Today is a great day! Finally the second multiplayer game mode – PvP – is also added to Deathtrap Early Access, so it’s the right time to crush your friends in a deadly match! Prepare lethal traps as the Defender – burn, freeze and poison the monstrosities or keep them occupied with your werewolves while […]

Teaseday #29 – Weapons of destruction

Deathtrap - Teaseday

Weapons of destruction have never been so much fun Deathtrap – no surprises here – is a game where you must deploy deadly devices to stop and destroy the invading monsters. You can (and you definitely will) survive in the battles with your character’s skills and abilities, but the traps will do major part of […]

Teaseday #28 – Hidden Corners and Side Quests

Deathtrap - Teaseday

Exploration and the rewards of curiosity In Deathtrap, you’ll have to defend a whole chain of deserted strongholds long lost to decay. You’ll build traps and stand your ground on the various ancient islands floating in the mist of the otherworld, and there is only you and the tides of invading monsters that try to […]

Teaseday #27 – Map and Monster editor

Deathtrap - Teaseday

Become the Master of the Deathtrap Strongholds Deathtrap  has an integrated Level and Monster Editor that allows the creation of user generated content. It’s not a modding tool and it has certain limitations, but it’s a vital part of the game and grants you a very easy-to-use tool to create your own maps and customize […]

Deathtrap Now Playable in Co-op

Deathtrap Early Access

As of today, Deathtrap Early Access is also playable in Cooperative Mode, so this is the right time to team up with other heroes and save the world together! Do you like the power of magic? Play as the Sorceress, use the elements of nature to freeze, burn or vaporize all your enemies. Are you […]